Located in the heart of Business Bay, BRIX Desserts at ME Dubai intertwines handcrafted desserts and artisanal coffee with the unique lifestyle ME Hotel offers its curious and well established guests.

Opening Hours: 8am to 11pm Daily

Parking: ME Hotel valet parking available. Validated upon purchase of 75AED and above.

Address: The Opus by Omniyat, Al Amal Street, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

Directions: Click here

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The Desserts

Cheese Cake – 32AED
Baked cheese cake mousse with a crunchy base of feulletine raspberry & strawberry sauce

Lemon Tart – 32AED
Basil sponge, lemon curd, lemon gel, white chocolate

Eclaire – 27AED
Choux dough filled with vanilla cream / coffee cream / chocolate cream

Coconut Mango – 27AED
Coconut and chia base, mango, passion fruit, granola

Tiramisu – 32AED
Coffee sponge base, coffee ganache, mascarpone cream

Milk Cake – 32 AED
Sponge cake, rose milk, whipped cream, lychee balls, raspberry

Cocoa Bean – 32 AED
Chocolate mousse, salted caramel, hazelnut base, vanilla mousse

Carrot Cake – 32 AED 
Carrot sponge, white chocolate, walnut, cream cheese, orange zest

Snickers Bomb – 32 AED  
Chocolate sponge, peanuts, peanut mousse, caramel

Roseberry Pop – 32 AED
Vanilla mousse, chocolate sponge cake, raspberry, and rose jelly, with edible stick


Cookies – 13AED
Dark chocolate & walnut / Milk chocolate & hazelnut / White chocolate with orange & pumpkin seeds

Brownie – 17AED
Gluten-Free chocolate brownie with pieces of chocolate

Banana Muffin – 16AED
Banana bread with pieces of banana & coconut sugar

Macaron – 7AED
Coffee / Chocolate / Raspberry & Lime / Gula Melaka & Orange / Pistachio / Salted Caramel

Small Bite – 39AED x 9 pieces / 70AED x 16 pieces
Chocolate / Raspberry / Lemon / Coconut / Salted Caramel / Vanilla

Bon Bons – 64AED x 5 pieces / 122AED x 10 pieces

Puff Pastry – 20AED
With Egg & Spinach

Brie & Rocket Sandwich – 20 AED
Brie cheese, rocket leaves, avocado, white bread

Salmon Sandwich – 28 AED
Multi-grain bread, smoked salmon, cream cheese with togarashi, spring onion, wasabi, lettuce

Chicken & Mango Chutney Wrap – 28 AED
Mango chutney, marinated chicken & mint leaves, lettuce, tortilla wrap

Plain Croissant – 16AED

Pain au Chocolat – 16AED

Turkey & Cheese Croissant – 20AED

The Drinks


Espresso – 20AED

Americano – 20AED

Macchiato – 22AED

Cortado – 22AED

Flat White – 26AED

Latte – 26AED

Spanish Latte – 28AED

Cappuccino – 26AED

V60 – 32AED


Choice of Milk – 5AED

Coconut / Oat / Almond 

Tea & More

Rooibos Tea – 22AED

Rooibos Latte – 27AED

Earl Grey – 23AED

English Breakfast – 23AED

Jade Sword Green Tea – 23AED

Chamomile – 23AED

Peppermint – 23AED

Lemon Grass & Ginger – 23AED

Hibiscus – 26AED

Matcha Shake – 30AED

Japanese Lemonade – 22AED

Hot Chocolate – 32AED

Iced Chocolate – 32AED

Still / Sparkling Water