What is BRIX?

BRIX is a dessert restaurant. We offer two multi-sensory set menus, based around desserts only, with a specially designed non-alcoholic drink pairing for each of the courses. Each experience is a very unique journey based on a theme specifically designed for that particular experience. We believe that food involves all the senses, hence, the nature of our menu.


Is BRIX related to 3Fils?

Yes. BRIX is the sister company of 3Fils. All desserts served in 3Fils are prepared by BRIX.


What is BRIXjourney?

BRIXjourney aims to serve a unique dessert tasting menu, where every course has a unique story behind the flavours and techniques used to create it, which is many a times, inspired by the chefs’ own journey in life.


What is the menu like?

While there is no explicitly written menu for the journeys, each of the courses has been specially designed to bring together a harmony of ingredients, flavours and techniques along with the story that brings all these elements together. The drinks for each of the courses have been specially crafted to pair with the dish that you are having. Water is included in the menu, with the option of still or sparkling.


What can I expect from the BRIXjourney?

It’s an intimate experience between the chefs and the guests.

The journey begins from the entry through the BRIX doors, where the guests are greeted by our team members and ushered to their seats, up until the end of the experience, where you will be guided through every single course by our chefs and our mixologists. Our style of cuisine would be defined as modern progressive desserts. We focus on the quality, flavours, and textures of the desserts using well-sourced ingredients, and are made by either modern or traditional techniques.


I dont want to attend the experience, can I just come for the drinks?

All the drinks are prepared to complement the flavours of the dishes. Hence, we cannot offer any of the components of the experience separately.


In case I have allergies, can I still attend the experience?

As our menus are fixed menus, we cannot make changes without compromising on the final taste of the product.

In case you suffer from any allergies, please reach out to us at: info@brixdesserts.com or call us at:+971565255299


What are the serving sizes?

Our courses are served in tasting portions alongside the drinks.  


Why cant I see the menu?

At Brix, we use a variety of different components to make the journey complete. In doing so, we use the ingredients in various textures and flavours, which are, many a times, unexpected. Hence, we don’t want to highlight any elements so that when the guests come for the experience, they do not have any pre-conceived ideas about the menu.  


How many times do you change the menu? 

We change the menu every 4 months.


What can I expect from the drinks?

Our drinks are non-alcoholic cocktails that are specially designed to match every single course in terms of flavours or ingredients. Every drink pairing has a complex flavour profile and design to suit every palette.

Should I eat before coming to the experience?

Depending on the appetite and the menu chosen, we advise our guests to have a light meal before coming to the experience if they like.


Can I take photos and videos?

Yes, you can take photos or videos throughout the journey. However, we will request you to keep your phones on silent as the chef will narrate the story of every experience, So, to fully enjoy the unique experience that we offer, it might be a good idea to check all your notifications before the journey begins.


What is the last time to book?

We are open every Wednesday and Friday until 11 pm, with the last order for a la carte desserts at 10.30 pm. While on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, the last time to book for the BRIXjourney experience is 9:30 pm. 


Can I attend as a walk-in?

We welcome our guests as walk-ins every Wednesday and Friday to enjoy our a la carte menu, and booking is not needed. While during other days of the week, we operate the BRIXjourney on a booking basis only, as we will prepare the restaurant exclusively for experience for selected time slots on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Please refer to the following booking link: https://brixdessert.com/journey/ or call us at +971565255299.


Are kids allowed on the journey?

Yes, kids are allowed starting from ages 8 years old and above. 


Are pets allowed on the journey?

Unfortunately, no. Pets are not allowed at the Jumeirah Fishing Harbour. 


Is there a dress code?

No, we don’t have a specific dress code, you can dress as per your comfort.


How many people can BRIXjourney accommodate at once?

The BRIXjourney can accommodate between 12-14 guests. In case of any specific enquiries, you can reach out to us at: book@brixdesserts.com


Is there an option to have the journey outdoors?

The journey takes place indoors ONLY at BRIX as the restaurant is designed specifically for this concept.


Can I ask for a private experience in any other location?

We only have the experience at the restaurant.

For any special enquiries, Please feel free to reach out to: info@brixdesserts.com


Does Brix Journey offer a la carte dessert menu ?

Yes, we do. A specially created dessert menu consists of multi bites in each dish that will take your taste buds into the flavors journey, and each dish is paired with a non-alcoholic beverage.


Is there alcohol in the menu?

We DO NOT serve any alcohol in either the dishes or the drinks.


Is there an option of doing 2 different experiences at the same time?

Unfortunately no. Because of the nature of the menu, we can have only one experience running at a time.