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The Journey


The Silk Road

Embark on a captivating culinary adventure with “The Silk Road” at BRIX Journey, Dubai’s premier fine dining dessert bar. Led by the innovative Chef Carmen Rueda Hernandez, this exclusive menu offers a multi-sensory experience that transcends borders and time.

Journey through the rich culinary landscapes of China, India, Persia, Turkey, Greece, and Italy, with each of the six meticulously crafted courses celebrating the vibrant flavors and cultural essence of these historic regions. Complemented by carefully curated non-alcoholic drink pairings, “The Silk Road” promises a harmonious and immersive dining experience.

  • Price 425AED

Available Timings for The Silk Road:

Thursday, Friday & Saturday:

  • 5pm / Duration 60 Minutes 
  • 9.30pm / Duration 60 Minutes 

*Not available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Sunday


The Seasons

Experience a unique culinary journey down memory lane with Chef Carmen Rueda Hernandez and the extraordinary BRIX team. Their four-story dessert courses capture the changing seasons of the year, featuring delectable flavors that evoke childhood memories.
From the warm and cozy tastes of fall to the refreshing flavors of summer, each course transports you back to moments of nostalgia and joy. Chef Carmen’s expertly crafted dishes and the exceptional team at BRIX offer a truly unforgettable culinary adventure..

  • Price 195AED

Available Timings for The Seasons: 

Thursday, Friday & Saturday:

  • 7:30pm / Duration 45-60 Minutes 

*Not available on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.