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Date with the Moon

As the night sets by the harbor, and while the crescent moon ascends, you bite into your first date for the day to break your fast. A scene replayed throughout the nights of Ramadan is how Chef Carmen Rueda Hernandez, Head Pastry Chef, and her team at BRIX picture their newest dessert, Date with the Moon. A mouthwatering reflection of their understanding of the sweet flavors of the Holy Month.
A merging of 3 elements, “Date with the Moon” complements a palate of sweetness, crunchiness, saltiness, and depth of flavor. An experience of sweet conversation between pudding, sauce, and popcorn ice cream and fine mastery of dessert making.
You begin with the base of dense pudding made out of locally-grown dates, the star fruit of the holy month of Ramadan. Chef Carmen and her team have utilized this beloved ingredient and brought out its true flavor, harnessing its sweetness and texture into a soft and decadent pudding. 

To enhance its subtle sweetness, a generous serving of salted caramel sauce is added where you’ll be able to taste a hint of salt and burnt sugars, acting as a buffer between the pudding and ice cream.
The third and final addition, a rich, homemade vanilla ice cream and fresh caramelized popcorn add a crunch to the dessert, one that is truly admired. 
All in all, this dessert is sought to be an excellent treat for your Ramadan nights, a gastronomic rendezvous with the Moon. Seize the opportunity to try the “Date with the Moon” at 3Fils.
Available every day throughout the month of Ramadan for only 30AED.

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