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What is BRIX?

In the mid-1800s, a German mathematician by the name of Adolf Brix developed a scale system to measure the amount of sugar in liquid. No specific reason for coming up with this measurement was mentioned, however, this discovery has helped many chefs since in calculating sugar contents, quality, ratio, and other nutritional values in the food that we consume to help improve the food industry over the years. It was then referred to as BRIX, named after the very same German scientist who discovered the measurement.

Adolf Brix (1798 – 1870), Germany

He developed a device to measure these sugary solids called the refractometer, which calculates the sugary index in liquid solutions. 

The scale is equal to the percent of dissolved solids in a solution. Therefore, a 100 g sample of a solution that measures 50° Brix has 50 g of sugar and other dissolved solids and 50 g of water. The °Brix scale first used a reference temperature of 15.5°C and now commonly uses a temperature of 20°C (68°F).

Cathy Seamans, Research Biologist

A variety of natural sugars are used at BRIX to sweeten up their unique desserts, like palm sugar, honey, and more. Chef Carmen Rueda Hernandez and her team also find other ways to bring out the authentic sweetness in every dessert produced by amping the sugars in the dish’s main ingredient. 


An example of this is the Napoleon. A dessert served at 3Fils that is inspired by its traditional namesake. Though is not made of the same ingredients or the exact sugar measurements as the original recipe has – it’s been ‘BRIXified’. The team set out to create something out of the norm and at the same time, naturally sweet whilst enhancing its sugars. As the dessert includes bananas, there is a focus on the fruit by caramelizing, whipping, and creaming it while increasing its sweetness and earthy flavors with coffee honey, and lime gel.

If you haven’t tried the Napoleon or any other dessert yet, head to ME Hotel, 3Fils, or book one of our BRIXjourney experiences to try BRIX’s distinctive and rich desserts.  

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